Week 2 – Change of plans and « Digital generation » research

Multiple facial expression

After leaving class during week 1, I started contacting some pre schools in Rotterdam. As I was doing it, an idea came to me, how was I going to communicate with children who do not speak the same language as I do and cannot speak english yet?

I had my concept. Indeed, it got me interested in how adults could communicate with non verbal children or children who do not speak the same language. Basically, I wanted to create something that would come before language and could help children express some of their feelings without having to speak.

I started researching ways I could communicate without speaking.

I first came across this article from a non-verbal child’s parent. It was interesting to see that so many means of communication had something to do with playing and games.

I also found this report depicting how children who do not speak the same language can still interact with each other. Once again, playing is at the center of everything.

I also found a forum dedicated to people dealing with having to integrate a foreign child to their class. The notion of belonging and integration is really important and should not be neglected as it is the foundation of a child’s future.

This last find prompted me to look for some books about integrating a child through technology and I bought these two really enlightening books. They were a bit heavy on the behavior and educational problems side but reinforced the idea that communication and constant interaction are the key to thriving.

Multiple facial expression



Based on last week’s conclusions, I still wanted to do some research on the effects on technology on young children. Once again I rented some books. The conclusion was that we can’t keep our children away from new technology as they are expected to be able to use them efficiently during their studies but it should still be controlled and used in an playful way.

Multiple facial expression


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