Week 4 -First prototype and production flow


This week we had to lay out a first prototype of our concept. Based on my researches so far, I decided to focus my design on body language, shapes, colours and eye contact.

I designed a page explained how my app was going to work.

Children using the app are going to select a shape, a gesture, a certain type of eye contact and different colors that will create a cartoonish character revealing their mood and feelings. Based on my previous findings, the choices of shapes and colors should be instinctive depending on how the child is feeling at a certain moment.

However, this is still only a prototype and the shapes, colours and gestures used in this probably won’t be the final ones.


I also started thinking about the production flow. I am far from being an expert in that area and I think I would need some help establishing a solid one but I still did some research.

I was thinking of:

1st: – Designing the app myself to keep the costs very low

2nd: – Use a crowfunder platform in order to get some funds so that I could get started

3rd: – Getting some sponsors to lower the costs

4th: – Being able to put it up for free on the Apple Store or Android platforms




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