Week 5 – Live experiments


After designing my prototype last week, I felt that I lacked real input in my work. Therefore, just before the break, I came back to France and went to my old primary school to do some experiments with children.

Indeed, I wanted to see how they could express some feelings without speaking, only by drawing.

They were each given a set of crayons and a sheet of paper with numbers corresponding to emotions or feelings they had to portray.


1. Anger

2. Fear

3. Happiness

4. Sadness

5. Loneliness

6. Dreaming

7. Having fun

8. Tiredness

9. Love/Friendship

10. Generosity

It was so interesting to see the differences and similarities in their interpretations. I want to study these drawings and pay particular attention to the shapes and colors they used for each emotions, I want to see if I can find a pattern in their portrayals and therefore design a better and more accurate application using the same shapes and colors they did.




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