Week 6 – Conclusions and New Prototype


This week I decided to analyze all of the drawings I got from the children and draw some conclusions from them.

I thought it would be interesting to see the patterns in their use of color and shapes. I wanted to see if some particular shapes or colors where use more frequently than others to see if i was right in my assumption that shapes and colors are instinctively related to emotions.




Here are my statistics out of 18 drawings:

Anger: 11 red – 7 spikes

Fear: 9 blue – 6 ghosts/monsters

Happiness: 10 yellow/orange – 9 suns/rounds

Sadness: 14 blue – 8 tears

Loneliness: 4 green – 5 stick figures

Dreaming: 9 pink/purple – 7 moon/cloud/stars

Having fun: 5 multiple colors – 4 balls

Tiredness: 8 blue – 6 bed/pillow

Love/Friendship: 10 red – 13 hearts

Generosity: 6 orange/yellow – 5 rounds

I put them all in a grid so that the results would appear more clearly


I found this wheel of colors quite interesting because it really demonstrates how certain colors are directly associated to our mood.


This made me want to do my own wheel of colors using the results I got from the drawing. I wanted to compare the two wheels to see if I got some similar results using only a small group of people.


The two wheels doesn’t exactly match which is normal since I was studying a small group of people and not drawing conclusions from general ideas. However, they still mostly use the same colors to express the same general emotions so to me this study is quite a success.


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