Week 7 – Construction


After speaking to Joris last week, I decided to change my approach a bit. Indeed, he suggested that instead of following statistics, I should look at the children’s drawings ans choose the ones that were the most relevant. I agree that this method is more efficient as it really highlights a clear depiction of a certain emotion instead of blending lots of interpretations into one.

These are the drawings that I chose.

Anger: anger

Fear: fear

Happiness: joy1 joy2

Sadness: sadness

Loneliness: LONELINESS

Dreaming: dreaming

Having fun: playing

Tiredness: tired tired2

Love/Friendship: love

Generosity: generosity

I then made them into clearer shapes in illustrator.


Each shape is linked to a special feeling

Depending on how the child assemble the elements, different aspects of his current mood are revealed.

Using all of the informations I had on shape and colors, I have also started to build the final website. Here is what it looks like right now.

site2 site3



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