Week 8 – Body language, Eye contact & Coding

20130131-195019 copie

This week, while reviewing my project I noticed that, while being really important to my work, body language and eye contact have been a little bit neglected as far as research is concerned. I talked about it a little bit at the beginning of my project but I thought it would be important to include it in an actual experiment.

I decided to take random and posed pictures of people and crop them so that I could focus on their arm position. I wanted to see if we could guess how they were feeling just by looking at a certain part of their body. I started putting the pictures into different categories


accomplice-conniving  accomplice  accomplice2


animated2  animated  animated3 busy  hurrying


serene  resting  contentresting3  calm2


playful  playful2


helping  helping2





I also did the same with eyes, can you guess how the person is feeling on those pictures?

eye1 eye2 eye4 eye5 eye6 eye7 eye8 eye9 eye10 eye11eye12 eye13 eye14 eye15 eye16eye17 eye18 eye19 eye20 eye21


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