Final touches and User testing

This week was all about coding the actual app and testing it on my target audience.

I decided to give up including the arms in the process because it confused my adult peers when I asked them for feedback on my first prototype.

Here is a video showing how the prototype works:

After finishing m prototype, I got it tested on 5 different children. My sister filmed the videos in France so I didn’t have any control whatsoever about the way it was being tested and their reactions. They were free to do whatever they wanted and my sister asked the questions she thought were relevant to my project. I liked the fact that I had no control and that I didn’t film them as I felt the results were more genuine and I would analyze their reactions with fresh eyes.

Here are the users:

Timothée, 2 years old


Albane, 3 years old


Lou, 4 years old


Zoé, 7 years old


Enora, 9 years old


And here is the final user test movie:

  • What I took from it is that first of all, they were interested in it and wanted to try it, they even fought for it.
  • Secondly, they were really particular about the shapes and colors they were choosing, they refused to choose certain colors which means that their choices were were not random but an actual representation of their feelings.
  • Most importantly, I was pleasantly surprised to see that their choices matched their mood. You can clearly see in the clip that the little girl who is singing happily has chosen the a smiling, yellow sun.
  • As I thought before doing the test, the app is more efficient on younger children as they think less and tend to be more spontaneous in their choices. I also think the simplicity of the app relates more to them, before five years old, they are still at an age where simple shapes and colors can entertain you for a while.


I tried to read into their realizations and apparently they were all quite happy to play.






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